Evolocus LLC provides equipment for biomedical research, animal behavior and electrophysiology. The main part of the products is represented by wireless fully autonomous animal attached system for recording electrophysiological data in freely-moving animals. These devices are called Neurologgers.

Evolocus Brochure Neurologger with
3D Animal Tracking

Three generations of Neurologgers are actively supported. The set of devices covers a very broad area of research. Acquired and stored data comprises multi-channel neuronal activity, vocalization (including ultrasonic), LFPs, long-lasting EEG, ECG, EOG and EMG.

The distinctive feature of the devices is their extremely small size and weight (about 1-2 g). This allows researchers to mount loggers directly at the head of a laboratory mouse (25 g body weight), or at the back of a zebra finch (small laboratory songbird with 14 g body weight). It also fits perfectly to larger animals such as rats and monkeys.

The built-in 3-D accelerometer, 3-D gyroscope and 3-D magnetic compass can help to track animal behavior. Precise synchronization of the loggers with the external equipment is provided by Neurologger Synchronizer via the infrared link. The latest versions are complemented with Bluetooth interface for remote configuring and data access.

Local data logging is an excellent alternative to classical radio-telemetry. Having smaller power consumption, it outperforms it in signal quality: no data losses and signal quality degradation during transmission, no penetration of the artifacts from the radio transmitter to high-impedance neuronal electrodes.

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2022 update:
Neurologger 2A/2B with pulse oximeter for non-invasive recording of heart rate and blood oxygenation (SpO2)

2021 update:
Neurologger 3 can have 96, 128, 192 or 256 LFP/EEG channels

2019 products:
Neurologger 3 with 64 neuronal
channels for mice & larger animals

Neurologger 2A/2B with 3D animal
head orientation, altitude, ambient
temperature, and remote start/stop

2018 products:
Ultralight wireless
optogenetic stimulators

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